Monday, August 21, 2006

Western Eyes

circa 04-04:


Western Eyes: Manifest you


Have you slithered/crawled in my


Down her wet stream; which

Bade me

Drank, and then became –

A child of a mother, pure tree


Of which I must consume:

Give my lover her perfume

I was born of each moment

Caught my reflection

In the whirlpools in

Which the City was not

Built to digest

I am the formulation

Completely, of the circumstances

That brought me into



French-Polynesian Island

circa 04-06:

French Polynesian Island

Fifty thousand years of being alone

Naked of the harmony.

That moved itself over me

The silhouette before the setting sun,

Faded memory of life that was.

But I will be submerged long before that

In dark abyss the swaying night

Of silence

And here I wait

And know, that you shall never return

To my breast


And soon shall be

The rest.


Winter is Upon You

circa 06-05:

Winter is upon you.

You feel it in your bones.

A great beast turges in the night. His belly has smoothed the veins of liscentious core, the moss, and the foliage.

The sunset was prophetic. It declared:

Winter is upon you.


Of Infancy

Of infancy:

Naught has there been time for,

Or had been time for


This is not the profoundest

Or broadest

Thought in me.

But time allows for

And gives remand for


So in there, time,

A child lies

In infancy.

This was written circa 02/04


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hephastia's Blood

We Spoke and Heard and Looked and Touched.
The Hallowed Nature of Such Things
When Perpetuated;
A Pin-Holed Mouth Invites Gestures.

Perhaps Our Intent gave to Insult,
Or Our Prophecies Limited
To Separateness;
And We Neglected Our Loves.

Shall Our Speech & Harmonies &Visions & all Conservations
Be Objects of Persecution
Charged With
A Character of Continuity

If We are Doomed To Recognize
Even at the Vision of Tragedy
The Latent Figure
Of What We tried to Preserve?

When Hephastia's Blood
Is Retrieved on the Walls
Of Her Temple

'As Argus' Eyes by Hermes' Wand Opprest...'


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Industrial Alchemy

The Jacobins failed to give the corpus politik
Something in which to believe
The caduceus was not called for for some time.
....And there Arose across the frozen body at that time
The Two Brothers Which hailed from opposite the Walled
-A game for intelligentsia -
The Playful Revolution, winking at the Earthly
Manifestations, In the court of (hungry) Chronos
-Beth-El! -Beth-El!
'Retreat from your Sicilian Seminar and
Liberate Us from the Tyranny of passover' - - -
. . .

We Beheld kinema Before the temple!
And literary Minds Spoke of Millenial Assumptions
in Guilded Whispers
The greatest form of Pyros ere
The Primordial Champions! ...Bless you Kepler; Bless you Galileo;
Bless you Newton ['Alas, Our Rock Religion Reeles']
The People of California Call for Asylum
In the Blessed Realm of Tommorrowland.
...And the caduceus is recoiled, retrieved
For proper consumption...


Monday, April 24, 2006

Of the Sun

by Solum Antiquus

A non reinforced existence
The paradigm of the lonely
Develop a model
this matrix
encompass the half closed eye
the "per son"
the disenfranchised sigh of lamentation
a million white leaflets bound up and scattered around
creating connections, these associations
generalized abstraction of melanin
the thrust of hatred centuries old
this nervous pattern
weaving the pathways and networks
obscuring the light from a calm summers day
ignorance to the cool drink of serenity
This frame of reference having no shape
the thirsty swallow the paper pyramids
and black good god dog books of symbology
No bliss in translations of a hieroglyphic pantheon
Living in a eleven plus one domiciles of ancient reflection
The propagation of history in myelinated structures
Masters of the mortarboard no more aware of the inertia
critical mass in the favor of illogical pursuits
The ions bound together having no true importance
Nothing ebbs and flows

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

When The Market Reigns

To the high air, to the stratosphere, to the imperial
calm, to the empyrean, to the baily of the four towers
the NOUS, the ineffable crystal:
Karxedonion Baileos
hung this with his map in their temple.
-E.P., Canto XL


Mob rule When the Red Crosses Adorn
And the Wolf Fleet is Shorn;
Cheribum Hold the Ticket of Hermes
In Ambiguity

...The Aesthetic of His Text...Indeed I can Appreciate...
Though His Politics may yet...Fall Prey to Those Whom He
Would Seek to dis-robe...Ironically at a Cost.

...Whose Genius Was the Recognition of Form...
That which is crafted by the hand of man should pass with
Surprising lack of question in his markets; Yet the Constables of
Supra-Trinity Complex may charge Un-ceasing Scrutiny Towards
...the Craftmanship.

And the Military-As-Industry Cares Not for Beginnings..
The 'Building Blocks' as Frontlines-As-Forms...
...Yet the Artifact Retains Value as Currency


Friday, March 24, 2006

working progress

yes, odd: blackwinged and of the night, circling just above the tree, there reside the memories, vestials of space, three portals, do not wander your attention, do not recognize, alas, young daughter, these are the incarnations of silence. real by reel, each cell containing mediums upon mediums, even the fates, and their harmony. for change is willed, flox needs inspiration: infinite silence most profound: ventilate, the tree absolves to points of footprints, vein information of fools breath (clearing the air) stretched to pure energy, surrenders its pharaohcity in time, ra ra ra, at the head of the table, light falls into the adjacent chamber, light of life in nine steps, each a lower color, until the bottom blue. there she descends, a single point in eternity, until the medium reflects her in itself. alone: continent. alost: content. in the isolation of the shapeless, young, skimming her feet in dance of all shapes, creating the wake: la muse se inspirate la poeta. she and she, two points in eternity: and who is the other, that center of pain, incarnate of love? watear translates il fin image, as the great synthesizer prepares to forfeit his eyes for the sins of vizzion con fusion, now ear the depth of time: thunder in reverse, one alder, one daughter: coherent for the deified state, secret archiculture omni echoes the flight of orion’s awakening: with chart in hand (and 21 years behind), he rose above the valley, gazed at his position in the tetrorion, (as the sun set in scorpios domain), wherein he revalized the applied knowledge created form was the form of the form behind all things formed.
and as the woods begodden, so it was in the ways in which Heath demanded matter, so, as the heliotrope ascended frequency, marking decisions here, worries there, and trumpeting a silence which became as a cradlebossum to carry them around, a marked event hath occured, Seramon declared ’that without man, the gods are no thing’, so, young gull, continue with your errorres, descend, ascend, crescend, all in the colors of ming and manor. and as the woods begodden, so shall it be, twelve to twelve, when the great alignment of opposites grant us with a child.
Ah, the Asphodel fields, where, millenia upon millenia ago, ’twas a forest.
have you ever seen a beautiful artifact, looking mournfull facecolored by the shade of a tree?
heaven endowed with scribbles, earth be made an absurd, soil recounts not tender touch or sacred word: nor sound so familiar. brushless wills o’ willow, where it that I could be embraced and diagnosed of pranuema, again: yet not leave, alone, alast, I have watched all seasons pass, littered before me, are the years of my body, environs compound and receed, thump, thump, and exhale. formless content, be it now that I ally myself to the midnightchorus that is the recession unto matter, I!, she rises yet!, and lo!, she looks not unto me. take. took. (I babel on.) the womanish star, can she carry the consecrated device, can they know their fourfold relationship will always end where they had begun? her faithful plunge into the brothers bottomless domain, of which god laid an ashen winter once again. the mooring of the turks abatement, a form to foundher. ( a fish to fathder) all of this has become terrestrial, his missing member erects again in the wrong hands. stimulated by the sound of exotic tongues, rolling waves. the flowering of the fields, low do they bend at the breath of higher alter, low do they speak of whimsical fates and forms that tickle the heart and still the mind, (bless’d are thee whom bough rub at night and drink of nectar, and of the morning sun make thine armies toil with wetted lips of precious name.) count thee bless’d? stone lipped shall ye be when segregated from form, numbers become idols, and the midnight past she bore human body with a satire’s head. no! a fathless reproduction! and yet his mother is still untouched, shrouding her schulders in the unknown. yet is it by her action that we know her. and treacherous empires may adorn me again. i, like a voice from the virgin plane, speak of the waking into this world of a tense and parrelled thing. the waters of current sea will turn heavily, borne upon their energy would be the sanctity of collected memory, waiting to be born again, new forces shall wake the iron molecules into motion, minds will look unto their glistening muscles on heights of abstraction, the pillars of the divine.
(from far behind, the trees are heard moving, and the sound moves closer with speed until the air blows through the light fabric of the waning woman, and the sound disappears into the future)
this trickle. what once was, and i am still untouched.

(crept anomoly beheaded, pound’s pentagruel. fascist hair of the hares head: beware! there is no comfort drinking in the libel of anothers brew. has not the alder set forth upon the domain of higher treachery? set foot upon embankment and sunken moustache into his lips and said that brides may not be asked better of the god of forgotten name. harken uto me! ye olde beast of fathlist pavavillion. did i not know your name in the summer months?, didst i ride the barebacked as a child in the argentine renaissance? how could timber have swept so slowly into oblivion? how could the sound of the royal name so easily be raped by the native tongue? is this history playing its cruel song in my head? look at the arched bracket, O!, the mesmory of things he should have told me, how can i discern the numbers when my own hands are calloused from the hilt? would i not trade the picture of gold for a line of wisdom! this is corrupted honour to the fathers of non-anan, with their scripted language and eclipses visions. here is the final moon, of orphan’s tale.)

to be continued...


The Application of the Reactionary Naturalist Paradigm to be Successful in Dating by Nicholoas Dake

as he traversed the green fertile lands of his youth, green that takes on new definition, all takes on new definitions. he hurries to the population that has marched off to die, if that be their fate. friends, fathers, brothers, all marching with the god of country eyes. they have been betrayed, and he will be murdered.
the classes tangle around like winds of the air, their memories, and their visions dance like frequencies bound up in the sound of tragedy and comedy. lives and thoughts that rune reflection from the counter stave to be willed with pygmied love triangle fury in march of antecedent withered so without loss of perfection; stole upon the winter march hills and hills of rightly sol d reflections of the masked intention that is without form.
life and death the people reflect upon with ancient accuracy to be marveled upon a later time. this shall not be the fate of today. what is the power of an individual to mark the trajectory, if with little understanding do we play the part dumb?
dynamics and little change with out form. intentions without form intentions without form.
what is one man’s treasure chest shall be a nation’s god.
with media conveyed, with form betrayed.
the theme song evokes tears, and yearning for the dead.
yearning for the dead yearning for the dead.
mimes metamorphosis. metastasizing. . the cell reproduces with loss of context.
yearning for the dead::intentions without media
the corporate perspective: advertisings effect on time.
technological representation of time
the three fold dynamic of economics: the class struggle, essentially, the means of production, the producers, the consumers. the owners. wherein the heights of awareness is the perception of ownership? and the path of new world lead.
it cannot be understood in form, can it? to transcend the form of propaganda, then, what is the form of understanding of ownership.
the domination of powers greater than, including death.
the will to power?
if inherent in the nature of humans then positive can be achieved through this intention.

the silhouette trampled the flower, as a shadow crawling slow to a storm. what is wrought of these years?
the function of thinking is inherent with interaction, such is the price of an external society. thus, does the process of transference of mind and perception, achieve its metamorphosis (metamimestic), into the machine-
yet, what is this unprecedented turn of events?: global consciousness; with forms and forms to be processed and- there is a chasm, and the mind is split into two halves, and the only thing there is to do - for the sake of the preservation of the beauty of consciousness, mind you; is to ask, what is the form of duality? what did the chinese perpetuate as immortal, what are the eternal forms beyond external perception?

luminous empire roam, there stretched out, hand over bone, the dilated pupil sun, surrounded in the essence of blackness, the form of some forgotten novel struck me in the eye, and the death of civilization, (caught my , eye): i am looking at this keypad, in reverse- the alphabet looks like pebbles standing against water, in an unfamiliar form of such certainty, lets transcend this!
if words, the content of speech, are an external sense e.s.p.; the transference of mental image and recognance, trapped in symbols only recognized by that particular sense- what is technical reality?
the sense stimulation of the most profoundest sense of reality
“this is the end of intimacy!”

cleaved alongside a shadow. the smoke is clearing. the temptation towards consolation. caressing of the neck - but the question of authority. the awareness of limitations; the sign of growth. the messenger of play is on your doorstep.
impressions clear like a child: the retirement of thought, to the scholars to make droll and weary the lexicon of instruction, industry is . the hand without knowledge, weeping towards an impulse, both cruel, both lusty, thrice fed... the mammal takes blood away from the task of evolving the brain.
the ghost perceives edifices simply as concepts.



Alone in the classroom. The motif for today is isolation; alone there are neither ghosts, whom the romantic absolve; nor are there the phantoms of coherency. Strikingly void is the cell; the silence is voluminous. And this frequency penetrates the ecology of artificial biology. (she leads in the flock with a sheepish smile:)
None too well are the impulses acquainted with the artificial biology: yet symbiotic is their nature. Nor does the primate breathe the air. The choice is clear: NOW! Sedated and self administered, haunting the halls and doorways: an interesting physiological response. Vague history manifests and continues aimlessly along an arbitrary path. “return, children…”
Now has come time for the true dynamic to be revealed; this subtle passage is not, indeed, for the faint of heart. Gifts have been supplanted at the door: mark the luminous trajectory with fingertips azure and penciled; for verily there walks a man alone in his time; weep not for the solitary, edified after sacrifice…
To drink the draught; there is health when measured :: to submerge and react through weighted environment.
The pointed question: to whom should pity be applied? : protection or folly to anoint the sacred creator in the garb of surface impulse: when that very impulse is regulated by fuaxman, in oxilia. Spirit sought in the object of unconscious preoccupation: truly the genius of mankind, truly the madness of mankind. A threshold no doubt.
The ever-present myths, Narcissa you father, multi-coloured and hypnotic as water: processed by the same as our own bodies, now such vacuums; binary heritage resonate node contains the code of all that was or all that shall; language to conform (for documentation).
…and react they did. Separation anxiety, a curse upon your family!, this myriad impulse defies yesterday, hisses it into submission: with kindness. Rather, it is the eternal stepping forward, a slight of hand with time – and space: and it works, it works really, really well – and all those opposed can just stand there open mouthed, unable to find words (un-strategic miscommunication is poor form): but be consoled failed potentials: now your history!

Indeed I do believe that there are fountainheads in this tumor, but organization this synchronized: the title belongs to noman. The devil leads with the context of his language; but everone knows that!

The motif is persistent. Though the symbolism is rejected in favor of a more, say, airy view. And all those forms can wear projections nicely, though it means diff. things to diff. people. Ah, the initiation of commun-icable topics at the institution. And who, but a gentleman, leads.
Once inside there is demonstration of the democratic tendencies of our youth today, the conditioned predilection for assuming the ability to override the will of the one in authority for their own benefit – and watch them steer theyselves into the pasture of mediocrity. (I sure hope they don’t vote that way, Bob!) -but, as one among them prophecies, the grass aint always greener on the other side.
And indeed, the youngins were treated to a mulch unpleasant to their palate. Is this spoken word oration nation here? For god sakes I want to go home!
The origin of the machine: originally, used and more importantly conceived as a functional device. A tool to make production more efficient and multiply outcome. Thus it had done and served well for millennia. The underscore to this phenomenon is the subtle hint that the machine has formed a symbiotic relationship to the mind of man; aiding in the growth of population, the establishment of civilization (which will be returned to), and thus the evolution of mans consciousness. For, the motive dance of the class system, to which this institution quite literally and freely designates to its pupils, always designates the task of actually producing, somehow, to a corollary lack of education.
For the sake of time, …
-I’m not in the business, I am the business…now, during the break, there can be resumed the task of relevant topics. Art that strike form that is recognized, yet a piece that breaks form: futurism: to which some media analysts attribute the task of hypening the necessity of an expanding infinitum technoevolution. It is referenced that in this piece, the capitalist world has created a de-humanized civilization, life itself is not a valued experience; humans have at their technological peak created their replacement, an evolved man, life. Life as a commodity. Slavery: the supreme best, the prodigal son is condemned to production in this anticipated capitalist nightmare, and the correlation? Irony: this product values life more, is willing to die for freedom. Then the corporation creates a dynamic through its mere existence that provides the means of preserving the society of mediocrity. Yet, as stated above, there are fountainheads in this system…
what transpired was a comedic representation of an interesting experience which should have produced: headline: educational institution war on journalism; though it was too funny – end of intermission
the comedic representation falls on stubborn plutonic ears. Icy, alone, and not even really significant under the telescope. Though there are some planets aligning that are in your favor: now you are thinking about romance. This is a good time to ask that person out that you have been thinking about. (this realization actually leads to the notion of applied relativity to the ego – better defined in the future)
the futurism announces the warped empiricism of demographic manipulation. It is interesting then, to note that it is also at this moment that the institution’s representative makes the age old argument in defense of the unseen paradigm resulting from the species homo symbolicum’s above mentioned symbiotic better half that allows for an increase in production and thence the establishment of a social hierarchy wherein education = power and the educators teach class (struggle to assignment) - so egalitarian, and the producers become swallowed in the cost of the exuberance they produce for the man as cultural icon as marketing ploy as cultural icon so that man can become – more conscious; aren’t we making progress? And this is actually egalitarian because it is the underline premise which created the form of the institution in question that forces it to continue to produce the future classes nurtured on the elixir produced from the factory and labeled with a logo designed with emphasis on the form in a process not excluded by the philosophy in question; in fact the archeological evidence in support of this thesis is everywhere – it seems to happen to civilizations right before they fall, oh, by the way, did we get that loan from the red state – of china?
The city: designated by the chief characteristic that resources must be imported. End quote. But, what about the above un-mentioned philosophy’s non-description of the in-ability of the fouler half to recognize another conclusion to this ancient partnership: the potential to fully utilize one of the undefined social resources provided by the city: no, those too, are imported, mainly from India. So, then the in question institution is a product of an un-defined (popularly) neurological dynamic which in turn has produced an economic philosophy which favors evolution of the better half and growth of the fouler half which in turn renders a civilization driven by the shadow which is actually in many ways explicitly stated but with emphasis on the resulting increase in exuberance which the economic cost of is another burden placed on the guy who wrote the worst thesis and the undefined social resource (not mentioned above) at the tap subsequently flows through and is contaminated by this undefined culture is moving strongly towards filling a particular dynamic which leads to the necessity of importing Indians. Where is class A going?: to lubricate and become radicals all at the same time.
Then: it is ok to analyze the myths under the Freudian paradigm. It is ok to analyze the propaganda of the corporations because, well isn’t this institution on the left, and monopolies on the right?, its ok to admit it, besides, more to the unknown, our function is really a product of their mechanisms and we need to teach you how to operate in the future – so its ok to admit that we are daily faced with an ever more complicated environment painstakingly designed with heavy taxation on the social resources to reduce us to reptilian physiological impulses, and maybe its ok and possible to admit some of the techniques used to convince you, and that our conception of choice and choices is molded. Sure, as a society we are heavily conditioned to these, conditions.
But we will never! never! Even so much as hint at the nearest possibility that the above mentioned scrutinized myths about our secular deities can reveal a character trait that those with power would use the same techniques as those looking for power, its not even possible, even though they wear the same garb, because, well, without the gods, man is nothing.
Or, it is possible to know the private, yet the public remains shrouded in mystery.
The idea being that both concepts are contained within an un-defined philosophic structure that is itself a product of an un-defined relationship dating back to the first hand tool. The institution must not uncover any of its weak foundation.
From cliché to archetype: but a true paradigmic analysis of popular myths betrays a collective conscious aware of far more interesting secrets. If hidden grounds make way for new technologies, what are the morals being taught at the deepest levels media can convey, nothing more than a whisper: it is time to separate… choose lovers not abstracts, find your own power, not the products of mass energy, for the community strives only to replace you when formed by the principles of industry: the obsession with the future is now doctrine. That is what sounds from the imposing towers: the future is now!


When the motif becomes realigned, perchance with an agendae ocultae, the pertinent question becomes, then: “when is the primary cause?” the actors in the global theater are being laid to rest; now innate sense trivals the senses.
2 1 2
here are temples cast like ide. Equinox wears like silent slumber, as the dynamics begin to know themselves under the stars; …whom chose interaction with the ideals as to a fertile smile. Do we know who or what force corrupted our history? Whom has rendered this lineage of the spirit unto me? Cast thee out! You hold my form in perilous greed.
It is thus as they find him, a much longer noontime than the city reckons has passed into twilight. Soon the inherited symbols manifest from the pure abstraction, though bought with the denial of accentuation.
3 2 1 2 3
enter the audience. The jagged edge ripples the borders and emphasizes concentration. Lead them:
the beast of sirion, make with the deity whom creeps among your peers: your house was drowned but your propriety survived –will the potential artificer forgive priority in time? For it is thus that (s)he must suffer now: segregated from the source of change, denied of laughter, denied of insight, crestfallen and tide to mark your romantic journey: will she ever grace my body again. Not until you embrace her honestly.
5 3 2 1 2 3 5
play. May I call upon the likeness of the ancient magii? Yes, and whose form would you like me to promote: linearity: for it seems that no line may connect the dots of association; progression: yet we walk in the footsteps of our own prototype; tetrakys: as yet we are in the realm of energy; of energy; typographic: light betrays form; of light: the artifice cannot anti-, syn-, hypo- or thesis; mimetic: without mimory of mind so old there is no greater context for folly; tragaedio: you may serve an orientation; perspective: lines erase your expression:: the will of the collective void brings this figure into motion for you:
-on this ground is laid barren of fruit to digest as so it was said before the first leaf even falled because the final defeated is sinominous with ourselves and so it was undertaken under frailty to metamigrate for preservation into that omnibus revelation which would take night as a cloak to become a vessel of the chosen people so that manifestation might be realized: so true is it that they carry the form of idolatry, a form to fear as limitation of the known and in said boundaries forever to roam. –mark the meter of the phrases well, mark the timbre, murk the muster; for there lies precedence even in the sayings of simple melodies whose cuneiform digits sound the feeling of growth. And within each measured to truth undeniable bares a new horizon of truth measured within.
-some interesting points there…
the magii may return to the form of whatever it does by itself. By thus representing out of form the monothesis personifies communication in the Incognia Theater.
The procession is not arbitrary:
-might the medium be employed for proper demonstration by way of clarity most sorely needed with respect to the automallia? ,most gracious your servant of course. For your approval:



(crowd grows restless)
-of course there is not precedence in the proceedings of - I cannot say, I falter – to night.
The directed intention or rather intervention or rather interception of the dynamic remains unraveled, the spearhead intention intervenes. Artificer and counterpoint are the go-betweens representing a point of curious energy: at stake is the sovereignty of original observation. To tell truth, at this point is reached epic. Art. An. Cou. It will be noted that she has arisen with curious scent marking her passage a success.hallelujiahcomabacktomemasolinsiahanwiylrestingailshaillaydowynanrenyewseedsalowwinmorinervalbranchin. as it is through the builded silhouette that she is seen, illumine the drownded fish.
For it remains the fathless representation that lies transparent for the beholder, a sleek and willowy animal that races with hind legs; serious man is hailing the arrival of the bringer of burning days: it shall be the return to civilization as prompted by the form beyond form, thus serious barks.
-batheing hisself, does the hicktecktic a vow no association or honor no heed to such noise or confathom. The rest are awaiting association…


Be appraised no sympathy, the harrowing skill of oblivion has found its master. We wake with the tremble of prophecy. It is not said ‘to be thy bed, confathom.” We are not the undulates of sleep, we do not quarrel with our godsons. In greater knowledge, let the objects of sentiment, release their energy…
In maximum potential, belies your irony. The seed of bellow’s fall. There is no memory: in freedom do we stir. I watched the associations form, I felt the cry of pain when it was done, I touched the arm. It cannot be undone.

began 3.22.05

Metheus Epri

The American Consumer

A New Realm opens, Unanticipated, Vaguely Familiar.
Like a Transmutated Mother, Her Color the Predominate Trait
of A Soothing Glow.
"Caste off the Worldly Favors that Bring You Suffering; Here
Now is My Pefected Realm, Simple and Completed Forever."
And so It is. The Bondage of your Father's Ghastly Ways, The
Tyranny of the Mind's Acclimation and Petition of the
Insanity of Diety. Release! The Energies of the Human
Spirit that, Without Oppression, The Sexes Uite Into the
Wholly Being of Mythtory...
Thus, the Human Dies...

M. Epri

Friday, March 17, 2006

Pending Departure

Pending Departure composed by Makasa and Epri, circa summer 2003...

Tilted Breeze

Tilted Breeze composed by Makasa and Epri...